Preschool Classes for the Under 5′s

Gymnastics classes for children up to the age of 5 years. With the emphasis on fun, we aim to provide engaging sessions allowing the children the opportunity to explore and develop their agility, balance and co-ordination in an environment suited to their needs.  Classes are split into three categories:

PlayGym (under 5′s) – Mondays & Thursdays at 10am and 11am  (term time only)

PlayGym is a drop-in session for Under 5′s with Parent/Carer on a pay as you go basis.  Parent’s / Carer’s are required to accompany their child/ren around the gymnasium utilising the equipment available.  No booking is necessary but early arrival is advised as in peak times we may exceed the ratios of children allowed and have to refuse entry.  10am sessions can be very busy so please ensure prompt arrival to avoid disappointment.


GymTots is a part structured, part free play session with parental involvement.  Each session is carefully set up to provide a stimulating environment where explorative play is encouraged.   Our team of Coaches are on hand for assistance and guidance.  GymTots is a termly class with booking required.


GymLets is a fully structured session with no parental involvement.  Our team of Coaches will escort the children around the apparatus enabling them to build their strength, co-ordination and balancing skills as they enter the world of gymnastics.  These classes are designed to provide a smooth transition into our Recreation Classes as soon as the children reach school age.   GymLets is a termly class with booking required.

All preschool classes are carefully organised in line with British Gymnastics guidelines and from the age of 3 onwards

The children may have the opportunity to work towards their BG Preschool Badges.  

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