For those of you with current GymLets or GymTots member who will be starting full time school in September, we would like to explain the procedure for getting a place in one of our after-school recreation classes.

Recreation classes last 1 hour and run from Monday to Friday from 4-5pm (Tuesdays for girls only) and Saturday mornings from 9.30am and 10.30am.

Sadly, we are unable to guarantee a space for your child in the September they start school as we have a huge waiting list in place for our recreational classes.

We recommend placing your child on our Recreation Waiting List as soon as they become a Preschool member to try to avoid disappointment when starting school.  You will need to request this as it will not be done automatically upon joining as a preschooler.

In our experience it isn’t always beneficial for your child to start a recreation class as soon as they start school.  Often the demands of full-time school are too great on top of starting a gymnastics class and it can be beneficial for them to take some time to settle at school before taking on a gymnastics class.

Please rest assured that as soon as we can offer your child a space we will be in contact.