Waiting Lists

We currently run two separate waiting lists – one for preschool members who can attend our GymTots or GymLets sessions and a recreation waiting list for Rising 5′s and upwards.

Preschool Waiting List

We are fully booked for the Spring 2017 term and our next intake will be after Easter.  If you are not able to secure a space for your child at Easter, we are likely to be able to offer you a space in September 2017 as many preschoolers will start school.

Recreation Waiting List

We have a massive demand for school age children, specifically for those born in 2010-2012.  It is therefore likely to be around 18-24 months wait for this age group.  It is difficult to be able to give a timescale for other ages as places are dependent upon existing members leaving which can be unpredictable.

Waiting List Procedure

  • Please be aware that if you have requested specific days only this can take longer to place your child.  Once you are a member you are able to go on our priority waiting list to move to your preferred choice.  The more flexible you can be with your available days, the quicker it is to place your child.
  • We currently have over 1700 children on the waiting list, with the highest demand for 5-6 year olds, so it can take more than a year to place your child.  Boys and older children tend to be quicker to place as we have less waiting.
  • Contact is made by email only and spaces are often offered during school holidays.  Do be sure to check your email during this period in order to avoid disappointment.
  • Spaces are held open for only 7 days from first contact offering a space.  If a response has not been received after this date, your child will be removed from the waiting list and the space offered to the next member waiting.
  • Once you have accepted your space a trial date will be confirmed.  If you are unable to attend the agreed date, you must notify us beforehand to see if we can arrange an alternative date.  Failure to attend an agreed trial date or to notify us beforehand of being unable to attend will result in the space being offered to someone else.
  • Once you have attended your trial date, fees are due for payment in time for your child’s second class so that their membership and insurance can be arranged.  Failure to pay in time for their second class may result in them not being able to join in until payment has been made and risks them losing their place.